You want to be a force for good in your home and in the world, while enjoying the sweet nectar of every moment. 

You’re smart and amazing at what you do, but let’s be totally honest here – you’re all over the place and it’s affecting your relationships, health, bank balance, and ability to make a bigger difference.


 Your energy is spread too thin and juggling mamahood, businesshood, and all the things feels hard. You’re starting to question whether it’s even possible to follow your calling without losing your mind, burning out, or missing out on this special time with your children.

Despite your addiction to personal growth books and podcasts you still feel overwhelmed, sleep-deprived, and disconnected from the the magical juju of the universe.

What you need aren’t more self-care tips and productivity hacks – what you need is the secret sauce to inviting more freedom, flow, and ease into every moment of every day so you can *finally* have the space to experience more of the sweet juicy goodness of life. 


More love and connection.

More passion and inspiration..

More laughter and joy.

More stillness and peace.

More wonder and miracles.

More meaning and fulfilment.

Have you been fantasizing about running away to a tropical island where you can shrug off all responsibilities, and simply breathe and be, guilt-free?

Or have you been daydreaming about making a big contribution in the world on your terms – without having to sacrifice precious time with your loved ones or your own wellbeing?

There’s no shame in wanting to hit the pause button on your life or wanting more for yourself, lovely – even if to the outside world (an on social media) it looks like you have it all together.


Life isn’t meant to feel like a long list of goals to tick off so someday you can have a life you love – you can choose this life for yourself right now, this very moment.

You can choose joy.

You can choose space.

You can choose ease + grace.

Whether you’re changing the world, changing the direction of your business, or changing diapers…

You can choose.

Imagine what it would be like to:


  • Experience more freedom and half of the anxiety, busyness, pressure, and guilt you feel daily 
  • Double the time and space you have for what matters including family, friends, and fun
  • Feel like your energy, body, and intuition are on your side, as well as the universe  
  • Have fewer teary “I’m failing” meltdowns and more “I can’t believe this is my life” moments

The Radiance Within


With The Radiance Within, I support you to feel alive in your body, energized by your work, and deeply connected to yourself and your loved ones – finally free to experience your life in all of its fullness.

You’ll step into a new way of being, releasing unnecessary busyness and sacrifice and creating your own passionate, playful, and purposeful path to real fulfilment.

Together we amplify your radiance so you can shine brighter in your home, business, and community.   

“I reached out to Catarina at a time when I was feeling off balance in my life. Since working with her I’m much calmer and not as emotionally triggered. I also feel lighter and happier, and others have commented that they’ve noticed this shift in me too.

I feel like a different person and have a completely different outlook on life. I actually wake up excited and no longer get stuck in negative thought spirals – it’s like my mind has evolved! Instead of procrastinating I’m able to do things with ease and I’m also less hard on myself. I’m a more confident leader in my life and business, taking bigger risks and manifesting amazing things – so many new opportunities have appeared!

Her support helped me heal, move outside my comfort zone, and try new things I otherwise wouldn’t have. I value her holistic view and how she weaves in spirituality in a way that is supportive and real, while also being fun, open, flexible, and having good energy. Without her I wouldn’t be where I am now and I am eternally grateful for that. 

Erin Roberts, England

Founder, Climate Leadership Initiative

“I’ve been talking about you lately and how much your coaching was a huge part of me breaking through a barrier that I’ve been stuck at for so long. I’m really excited to be moving forward so easily and effortlessly now with creating a life for me and my family that fills me up.

I went from overwhelm to ‘can do’ and I’m finally doing what I love and have wanted to do for years instead of holding myself back. You rock! You’ve impacted my business, well being, belief in myself, and inspired me as I grow my own contribution to the world. Thank you.”

Melissa Snyder, United States

Founder of Spicy Roots Health Coaching and meditation teacher

 You hear the calling – it’s time to expand, release the hustle, and start living your big, beautiful life with more ease, grace, and space.  


Your radiant life awaits – are you ready to step into it lovely? 

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“I was feeling burned out, overwhelmed and like I needed to leave my work for the sake of my health and my family. I didn’t have a clear vision of what business I wanted to transition into or how to balance it with my little girl.

I had consultations with several well established coaches and I hadn’t had any breakthroughs.  After half an hour with her I received more clarity than in all of the other sessions, plus she made me feel supported as I took the steps we discussed.  I felt like she really cared about me, and she made me laugh during an otherwise stressful time of transition.”

Kaydee Dahlin, United States

Family Yogi & Coach

“I now have the tools to help me know myself better, manage my energy, and to work my way out of negative thinking and stress. I also now give myself permission to enjoy my life more now, not later and have since changed work, got married, and adopted a fur baby.

I recommend Catarina to anyone who is going through a period of transition and growth, and wants to do so with more clarity and more kindness towards themselves.”

Danielle Bloom, United States

Global Health Financing Expert & Creative muse

“Before working with Catarina I was frustrated and feeling stuck, like I would never reach a point where I could be as healthy as I wanted to be and live the life I wanted to live. I now have more confidence and trust in myself to move towards my desires, and I’m doing it on a daily basis in my life and business without sacrificing my health.

I recommend her to women who want more from life – this is where real change happens and some magic too (I manifested a sailing boat!). When you work with Catarina you’re in for some profound transformation: less stress, more clarity, and coming into balance – all in a fun way that is infused with positivity, lightness and humor.”

Sandra Kiesel, Thailand & Kenya

Health Coach, Yoga Teacher & Owner of Healthy Voyage Events and Retreats

“Catarina is peace. She radiates a loving calm and compassion with every breath she takes. She is also one of the few people I’ve met who truly walks her talk. Working with Catarina teaches you to find and hold your center in the midst of everyday craziness — causing a ripple effect that balances and calms everyone around you.”

Theresa Venezia, United States

Energy Therapist & Founder, Healthy Vibrant You

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“A woman is the full circle. Within her is the power to create, nurture, and transform.”  

– Diane Mariechild