Discover a simple + easy practice you can incorporate so motherhood transforms from OVERWHELM to a GIFT. It’s the secret to ease and it’s free.  

“Catarina is a true mother of mothers. She gently, lovingly, and artfully holds women on the dance towards their highest vision and truest selves. Place yourself in the path of her guidance; you’ll be so grateful that you did.”

Nisha Moodley, United States

Women's Leadership Coach & Founder of Global Sisterhood Day

“I wish I had found this work sooner in my life. Catarina is the perfect person to bring this work to the world.”

Peggy Oliveira, Mexico

Social Worker, Advocate, Psychotherapist & Childhood Abuse Survivor Mentor

“Catarina is peace. She radiates a loving calm and compassion with every breath she takes. She is also one of the few people I’ve met who truly walks her talk, living all of the things she preaches and teaches. This authenticity makes her very rare and someone I hold close to my heart.

Working with Catarina teaches you to find and hold your center in the midst of everyday craziness — causing a ripple effect that balances and calms everyone around you.

One person radiating a calm, loving presence ripples out and makes for a peaceful family and world. This is desperately needed at this time and Catarina is, without a doubt, the catalyst for this change.”

Theresa Venezia, United States

Energy Therapist & Founder, Healthy Vibrant You

“Catarina’s work is some of the most beautiful and loving support I’ve ever experienced. She really sees you for who you are, and artfully guides your transformation to feeling whole and standing in your truth and power as a woman and a mother.

She does this with deep compassion and belly laughs, and I love her down-to-earth yet light infused presence. If you have the opportunity to work with her don’t hesitate – it is one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself!”

Monica Pelayo, Spain

Integrative Coach & Shadow Work Expert

“I reached out to Catarina at a time when I was feeling off balance in my life. Since working with her I’m much calmer and not as emotionally triggered. I also feel lighter and happier, and others have commented that they’ve noticed this shift in me too.

I feel like a different person and have a completely different outlook on life. I actually wake up excited and no longer get stuck in negative thought spirals – it’s like my mind has evolved! Instead of procrastinating I’m able to do things with ease and I’m also less hard on myself. I’m a more confident leader in my life and business, taking bigger risks and manifesting amazing things – so many new opportunities have appeared!

Her support helped me heal, move outside my comfort zone, and try new things I otherwise wouldn’t have. I value her holistic view and how she weaves in spirituality in a way that is supportive and real, while also being fun, open, flexible, and having good energy. Without her I wouldn’t be where I am now and I am eternally grateful for that.”

Erin Roberts, England

Founder, Climate Leadership Initiative

“The biggest realisation I’ve made in working with Catarina is that previously I wasn’t giving myself permission to take time out for myself away from my girls. I felt it was selfish for me even though I knew this was the missing piece for me to feel more balanced and happy.

Catarina helped me to release this guilt and shift my mindset. Now that I am routinely making time for my wellbeing and exercise I can see how it benefits everyone when my mood is good.  My husband has even told me that it makes a huge impact on the mood of the house.”

Kerryn Gray, South Africa

University Professor

“Thanks Catarina, I couldn’t have had this conversation with my family without you! It was amazing to be genuinely listened to and to see the valuable input my boys gave. When I explained how tired I am of the rush in the mornings and how negatively it is affecting me, they were prepared to put suggestions on the table.

I should have done this long ago! I now know that I have the support of my boys and I can also be a more loving person around them. Also, with more time to myself I can now finally start to write storybooks as I always wanted!”

Noorul-Hoda Smith, South Africa

Senior Family Social Worker

“Catarina is revolutionizing what it means to be an awakened woman and a conscious mother through her ideas, her actions, and her  presence. Her life-long dedication to serving women and children is a gift and has already touched thousands of lives around the world, including mine.  Our future generations are in good hands.”

Phoenix Muranetz, Canada

Sensuality & Female Empowerment Coach, Co-Founder of Awakened Woman Conference

“I was shocked and surprised at what a difference a short session with Catarina made. Her quick and easy exercise got me back on track, present and focused for the day.

It was exactly what I needed to let go of the stress and negativity I was carrying so I could get back to juggling my business and being a mum.”

Debbie Leven, England

PR Coach

“I’ve been talking about you lately and how much your coaching was a huge part of me breaking through a barrier that I’ve been stuck at for so long. I’m really excited to be moving forward so easily and effortlessly now with creating a life for me and my family that fills me up.

I went from overwhelm to ‘can do’ and I’m finally doing what I love and have wanted to do for years instead of holding myself back. You rock! You’ve impacted my business, well being, belief in myself, and inspired me as I grow my own contribution to the world. Thank you.”

Melissa Snyder, United States

Founder, Spicy Roots Health Coaching & Meditation Teacher

“I was so overstretched working too much and it was impacting other areas of my life like my home environment, health and interactions with others. With Catarina’s support, I’m now better able to distinguish what I really want, make decisions, follow through, and be more forgiving of myself.

Catarina helped me reconnect with who I am, what I want, and what makes me happy – including my pregnancy and baby. I’ve already recommended her to other women who want to bring more balance into their lives. If you’re thinking of reaching out to her, do it!”

Suzanne Moore, Norway

Consultant and mama-in-chief

“Already after our short coaching session I’ve changed my ways. I love how you helped me lay out my challenge and come up with a strategy to move forwards.

I now recognise when I’m tornado’ing my way through the day, whereas before I just did it without even thinking. The worksheet is wonderful too! I’ll use it to brainstorm further ideas for how I’ll keep overwhelm in check (I know I need variety). Thanks again Catarina, super happy client!

Kelly Pietrangeli, Spain

Mama Motivator, Founder of Project Me for busy mothers

“I now have the tools to help me know myself better, manage my energy, and to work my way out of negative thinking and stress. I also now give myself permission to enjoy my life more now, not later and have since changed work, got married, and adopted a fur baby.

I recommend Catarina to anyone who is going through a period of transition and growth, and wants to do so with more clarity and more kindness towards themselves.”

Danielle Bloom, United States

Global Health Financing Expert & Creative

“Before working with Catarina I was frustrated and feeling stuck, like I would never reach a point where I could be as healthy as I wanted to be and live the life I wanted to live. I now have more confidence and trust in myself to move towards my desires, and I’m doing it on a daily basis in my life and business without sacrificing my health.

I recommend her to women who want more from life – this is where real change happens and some magic too (I manifested a sailing boat!). When you work with Catarina you’re in for some profound transformation: less stress, more clarity, and coming into balance – all in a fun way that is infused with positivity, lightness and humor.”

Sandra Kiesel, Thailand

Health Coach, Yoga Teacher & Owner of Healthy Voyage Events and Retreats

“Great session, Catarina! By applying the tools you shared, I have faith that I can handle stressy moments and address my personal triggers better. I like that you’re a holistic coach – you kept a helicopter view of my mind and body while still giving me pragmatic tools that immediately create a positive result. I appreciated your calmness, your wisdom, your spontaneity, and you’re ability to dive deep and help me so much in a single session. I’ll recommend you to other women who feel overwhelmed – you’re good!!”

Katie Van De Vijver

Coach for Expat Spouses

“Working with Catarina helped me get clearer and it gave me hope for an exciting time ahead. I could share anything and not feel judged – what I am thinking or feeling is valid and each emotion or idea is something we can talk through.

Having someone invested in me and to share ideas with also meant a lot on a personal level.”

Chloe De La Harpe, South Africa

Founder, Olu's Dream educational non-profit

“I was feeling burned out, overwhelmed and like I needed to leave my job for the sake of my health and my family. I didn’t have a clear vision of what business I wanted to transition into or how to balance it with my little girl. I had consultations with several well established coaches and I hadn’t had any breakthroughs.  After half an hour with her I received more clarity than in all of the other sessions, plus she made me feel supported as I took the action steps we discussed.  I felt like she really cared about me and my success, and she made me laugh during an otherwise stressful time of transition.”

Kaydee Dahlin, United States

Family Yogi & Coach


Speaking & Playshop Lovenotes

“After the Catarina’s session at the Social Work Forum I was much happier and had so much energy. The social workers, who looked tired on arrival, were actively engaged and stuck around for 30 minutes after the event discussing the session with enthusiasm – the feedback was overwhelming.

I’ve seen Catarina speak twice and will be inviting her to our Wellness Day as we’d like all of our staff to have this experience.”

Noorul Hoda-Smith, Senior Family Worker, Girls & Boys Town

“Thank you so much for a great, engaging session! I’ve received so much feedback from so many people (men and women) about how much they enjoyed it – some even saying we should have a full hour of laughter yoga once a month!

The participants seemed more settled after the session and some told me it pointed out things they’d never thought of before. I’ll recommend you to others concerned about stress and burnout – your energy is aligned with what you ‘preach’ and it’s clear that you live what you show others to do.

Debbie Johnstone, HR Leader, Quirk Marketing Agency

“After the session with Catarina I was more relaxed, felt like I’d exercised, and was more awake mentally. What I liked best about the session was the interaction with others I work with.

Gem Patten, Epidemiologist, Médecins Sans Frontières

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