Together we create more balance in your life, unlock the innate mama wisdom within you, and cultivate a feeling of calm, confidence, and connection to yourself and your little loves.

Through my own lived experience as a busy mama, and with the women I coach, I know how challenging it is to balance ten million demands on your time… let alone engage in these mindfully with patience, gratitude, and love.


  • Frustration, guilt, and insecurity creeps in, with a dash of resentment too

  • Homemade green smoothies and daily meditation seem like a pipe dream, and within an hour of getting a massage your body’s all scrunched up again like a leaf of curly kale

  • Lofty dreams of changing the world are replaced with daydreams of running away to a remote island where you can sleep all day and just be


When you’re feeling overwhelmed it’s hard to take care of yourself, let alone others. You end up pushing down feelings and walking on eggshells to keep the peace, creating disconnection from loved ones and yourself. It gets real lonely, real fast.

Motherhood starts feeling more like a struggle than a gift. Self-judgment and shame creep in and the voice inside your head starts to tell you…

If motherhood is so “natural” and filled with Instagram-worthy moments, I’m doing a crappy job – I’m tired, cranky, and my home looks like a disaster zone!


If motherhood is a sacrifice that I need bottomless coffee and wine to push through, there’s something wrong with me – I don’t want to numb myself and just suck it up!

The truth?

These two prevailing paradigms (that motherhood is easy as pie AND that motherhood is self-sacrifice) set us up for frustration and failure.

Motherhood is not about being a perfect super mama or a super martyr. It’s time to release these false narratives and create our own experience of motherhood. 

Motherhood is a spiritual journey.


A journey that can be enjoyable, empowering, and – wait for it – freeing if we allow it to be.

A journey that allows us to be a loving mother while also feeling loved, valued, and supported ourselves.

A journey that we can appreciate with an open heart in every moment (even the teary, chaotic ones) for the gift that it is.

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My Mama Wake-Up Call

In my previous career I led multi-million dollar maternal, newborn and child health programs across the globe. Despite the knowledge I carried with me and a positive pregnancy and birth experience, I soon felt overwhelmed and crashed in my own entry into motherhood.

A few months after giving birth to my son I found myself crying on my bathroom floor, curled up and clinging to my fluffy white bath mat for comfort.

I was burned out, disconnected, and feeling like a failure at home and at work. Who was this person I didn’t recognize?

I wanted to be everything to everyone, but was spread too thin and felt like I was never enough.

What I didn’t realize at the time is that I was being invited to step into a fuller, freer version of myself.

One that was ready to give up on busyness, perfectionism, and overgiving.

One that was confident and true to myself and my values.

One that was more loving towards everyone, including me.

One that was healthier, happier and more fulfilled.


I came to recognize that motherhood is about more than bringing another being into the world and becoming a superhuman master taskjuggler.

Motherhood is a spiritual journey that calls us to expand into the more conscious, confident, and compassionate individuals we hope our children will grow up to be.

Becoming a mama forced me to reflect on how I want to spend my time, live my life, and show up in the world.  This has shifted everything and is an ongoing adventure I’m exploring every day.

An adventure like the trip I took to Victoria Falls in Zambia where I went white water rafting, sprained my ankle, and got carried up the side of a mountain on a stretcher by four glistening, bare-chested men. I was too busy feeling like a queen to notice the pain. Unplanned, unexpected, and so amazing!

Motherhood has been my greatest teacher and it is in this journey that I’ve found my deepest sense of purpose, freedom, and fulfillment. This is my hope for you too.

I’ll support you to embrace the dance of life and the yoga of motherhood, whether you’re just starting your mama journey or already well into it.


I’ll support you to embrace the dance of life and the yoga of motherhood, whether you’re just starting your mama journey or already well into it.



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Catarina Andrade (Chandra Kirtan Kaur) is a mother and a certified coach, speaker, and conscious living mentor for women.

She is also KRI certified kundalini yoga teacher and leads popular laughter yoga playshops around the world as well.

Catarina is passionate about supporting women feeling overwhelmed in the transition into motherhood and helps them unlock their innate mama wisdom, create balance in their lives, and cultivate a feeling of calm, confidence and connection.

After completing her Master’s degree, Catarina spent over a decade supporting women and children’s health across 10 countries in Asia and Africa. Her personal journey into motherhood – from burnout to awakening and everything in between – then led her to become a conscious living mentor for mamas and mamas-to-be.

Catarina is on a mission to support women to give birth to a life that is nourishing for themselves, their families, and the world. Many of her clients are female thought leaders in their fields who are dedicated to changing the world.

Catarina has been featured in a variety of online and print publications, radio shows and podcasts, and  speaks at events and conferences around the globe.  In her free time she can be found consuming copious amounts of cacao and chai while dancing around her kitchen with her family and two ginger cats.


 This simple practice transforms motherhood from overwhelm to a gift.

 This simple practice transforms motherhood from overwhelm to a gift.

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